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Road to 2030

11 min   |   English   |  5a Elite Youth Empowerment  

These are our goals for expanding our mission through 2030: building 21st century leaders from the inside out and help our youth navigate their way through our ever changing world. 


After noticing the lack of youth representation (specificially in the Pittsburgh area), the Peacebuilder's Institute was founded to increase voice and community engagement from Pittsburgh's youth.

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Why is it so important to get our youth involved?

"If the problems effect you in one way or another, how many times have you been called to say, "Hey, can you come help us solve this problem?"

We've found that our youth feel that they're being blamed for problems because of their race, gender, age, social status, etc. , but have never been asked to help solve them . 

Our goal is to provide our future generation with the resources they need to get their voices out there and take action for causes they believe in. 

As our founder, Nate, put it in the above video, "When you figure out how to organize people and resources, you learn to build power". 

Right now we have dozens of teenage interns working with us to produce video, podcasts, social events, etc to get their voices heard. 

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